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Upcoming Releases
May, 2017 – Helena Orbit
by James Dunham
A generations colony ship reaches its destination.
After 500 years of deep space travel, the artistic and scientific inhabitants on board the colony ship Euclid celebrate their long anticipated arrival in orbit above the planet Helena. Young scientist Edwyn Santiago uncovers intrigues and secrets hidden for centuries, while startling new findings about the destination planet reopen old societal and family wounds.

June, 2017 – Visions VII: Universe
edited by Carrol Fix
The final Visions Series volume, Visions VII: Universe focuses on the previously unimaginable; in the vastness of the Universe, all things imaginable are possible.

July, 2017 – Heaven Help Us
A Round Robin Novel
The irreverent adventures of a daredevil exhibitionist propelled unexpectedly into Heavenly Holler, a realm where almost familiar beings conduct the business of the afterlife.

August, 2017 – Snake in the Grass
by Ron Leming
Beautiful and dangerous, Snake is a reporter covering weird, bizarre, creepy, eerie, and disturbing stories.

September, 2017 – Short Tales and Other Lies
A Collection of Short Stories
by W. A. Fix


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